Jan 142010

  2 Responses to “Global Earthquake Trends 1900 – 2010”

  1. I am in Nanchang, Jianxgi province, China. i live in a 21 story apartment building of recent construction (2 years). I just experienced a pulse or tremor of some-kind that went up through the floor, thru my feet, and gut at about 19:36 Beijing time on Aug 8 2010 (and as i write this–checking the date i just got an eerie feeling as i believe the big Sichuan quake was on this date). It happened two or three days ago as well, only slightly smaller. I see Nanchang had a serious earthquake in 1927 with over 200,000 deaths. And I did some research and found that research shows magnetic pulses are traceable about two weeks before an earthquake. i wonder if that’s what I felt. Should I be worried. The area I live in also has much clay. i wonder if the building is settling into the watery clay–it is a boggish area. I also read a research paper discussing the liquidification of clay during earthquake activity. i am concerned there will be an earthquake in or around nanchang soon.

  2. Nice list of biggest earthquakes. I’m looking for “What to do” tips to avoid an accident while experiencing an earthquake. http://www.ranker.com/list/the-worst-earthquakes-of-the-century/drake-bird

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