Dec 042015

Narrating war and terror. A historical perspective.Narrating war and terror. Flash forward. Words that kill.The Pandora’s Box of the Human MindTerrorism as a dialogNarrating war and terror. A historical perspective. For those of us in developed societies, it is hard to overstate the importance of words and images and the effect they have on our […]

Dec 072013

The frail old woman’s half bent head, intently searching for bargains, barely rises above the Walmart shopping cart. Unswervingly, the worn cart jangles down the aisles, one of its front casters not quite touching the floor, futilely spinning. Like the orgy of shoppers accompanying her, she does not give an inch, steering her way with […]

Apr 162013

A compilation of photo galleries, facts, and ruminations documenting the most extreme weather events of the past several years. Assembling this information in one place where connections can easily be made offers a powerful statement about the world in which we live. It also raises a number of serious questions. Res ipsa loquitur, as the old judges used to say.

Apr 112013

Perhaps one of the most interesting observations history will make in regard to the present bull market is just how much it’s governed by language and not numbers. While this may have always been true to some extent, there are few times in the history of the American stock market when this fact, by itself, […]

Feb 032013

If the post World War II years introduced the law to normative economic analysis in a modern way, it was September 11th that solidified its dominance in legal and policy-making circles. I believe this is one of the reasons why, despite all the tireless talk about God, country, and our duty to the unborn, both […]

Jan 012013

Conventional explanations for recent mass shootings, like Sandy Hook, are overly simplistic and fail to help society fully grasp the reasons why these tragedies keep occurring. These ready-made answers often tempt society into narrowly focusing blame at the expense of searching for deeper answers and devising needed solutions.

Dec 092012

Here’s the situation in Texas and other parts of the country where fracking for natural gas has come on the scene: it’s producing a hell of a lot of gas, excitement, and money. All of this gas is also producing a hell of a lot of wastewater, which, according to experts is producing a hell […]

Dec 072012

“I saw it coming across the river, the air went very electric and the sky went black. And then the wind started to whistle. This was like a juggernaut roaring through here,” witness Suzanne McFadden told New Zealand’s Newstalk ZB radio.1 A violent tornado-like suddenly came out of nowhere yesterday afternoon about about 3pm and wreaked […]

Apr 122012

* Prefatory Note: For those who’re somewhat reading challenged, this post is intended to be satirical. * As an American citizen who loves his country and is concerned about its future, I’m proud to admit that I also love money. So much so that I spend hours a day pouring over financial news and sage […]

Apr 112012

For modern man, form increasingly dictates the substance of thought. Recall from the previous post, Happiness is a Balance, that optimum happiness depends on sustaining optimum internal and external conditions. Since forms are human constructions and are therefore imperfect, it stands to reason that an optimum external situation will be one that contains the least […]

Mar 192012

I think most of the developed world has been having a pretty limited conversation when it comes to formulating questions about the conditions necessary to bring about happiness. I don’t mean to suggest that people don’t think about happiness very much. I believe pretty much everyone believes  they want to be happy. But I think […]

Mar 122012

The second major concept of the happiness principle holds that all people are equal before the throne of the happiness principle. This is a radical, perhaps revolutionary statement. It runs contrary to fundamental values inherent in many of the world’s leading contemporary societies. Most of us have been taught to believe that talented, hardworking people […]

Mar 122012

I’d like to introduce you to the happiness principle. What is the happiness principle you ask? This is a good question and is very likely one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask. For when it comes down to it, what could be more important than your happiness? The only answer I can think […]

Jan 302010

Mongolia, China, 2003, Strange Pre-Earthquake Occurrences A 2003 story in the China Daily relates some strange occurrences just prior to a large earthquake that hit Chifeng, a city in Mongolia. Villagers reported that they saw water spurt more than six feet into the air from a river bed that had been dry for many years. […]

Jan 242010

Summary A Google search using the words “earthquake trends”1 reveals that earthquakes have been on a lot of peoples’ minds. But it’s not just since Haiti. As one high profile earthquake gives way to another, the Internet clearly indicates that many people are starting to ask questions. It’s interesting to note the different interpretations of […]

Jan 142010

Killer Earthquakes and Other Problems Beneath the Surface Silent and unexpected, without warning, they smite with irresistible force. All that dwells upon the surface is subject to the invisible fury of the earthquake. Shacks and mansions, buildings, bridges, and roadways; their permanence rendered illusory. Yet for all its titanic power, the earthquake, unlike other natural […]

Jan 102010

Suicide Bombers Presidents Obama, Bush, and other politicians routinely call them and their leaders evil. Others say they’re hapless dimwits lured into sacrificing themselves on the altar of jihad for the sake of remuneration or virgins in paradise. There are also theories that they’re trying to rid their countries of what they perceive as military […]